Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My First Blog

ummm....this is my first blog and i dont really know how to start it so...im just gona start like this.

My week was ok ,me and my friends (Renz,Paolo) we had fun goin to the Internet cafe and playin Generals,its been good.

He is also a really good teacher too.he was teachin me for a week , he was teachin me the these subjects : Bio.Chem,Phs and math.

I really have to admit how much of a good teacher he is ,because i was very tired at the time he was teachin me and he still maneged to keep his cool,im really stuned he really kept his cool ,because i am really anoyin when im sleepy,man hes such a good person.

All i can say to him now is Cheers Mate ::)

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